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“Captain Kyle, do you believe this because he is young?” asked Si Jiali strangely. She realised that as a representative of Aslan, Lin Feng did not have many supporters. Some even thought that even though Lin Feng might be stronger now, Wang Zheng would eventually surpass him. This was because even though Wang Zheng was the youngest among the Earth-rank warriors, he was highly skilled.


All those who were familiar with the Dynasty battle team were shocked. If the captain were to go up at this moment, it would just end. If they lost, they would at least lose decently. In the end, they had sent out a substitute to go against Asura’s captain. The idiom “accepting one’s loss in order to secure two wins” was not to be used like this.


“Brother Lin, if we continue to watch on, Brother Qiankun might not live to see tomorrow,” Lear said mildly. If Lin Feng and Di Maria acted, he might be confident enough to fight as well. With the four of them, it was impossible that they could not finish off Wang Zheng.


Wang Zheng needed to stop his Leaning Landslide. It could not reach the Fighting Spirit. Aragorn had obviously made a prejudgment, and was able to totally target Wang Zhengs move in one strike.


Wang Zheng did not deny his intention when it was laid bare. He needed his brothers to help him fight this battle, because he could only rely on himself to battle against his opponents in the semi-finals and finals. It would then truly be a battle for life or death.


The regular venue had been almost destroyed to bits, and Aslan’s staff were stepping up on repairs. At the same time, the protective energy walls also needed to be repaired. It could only be said that these peoples’ fighting strengths were terrifying.

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This was bullsh*t. It was a surprise that the energy shield could target the Mayans’ control of energy. However, what was important was Sleipnir’s strength. Did he use seventy percent of his power?


If this continues, the Wind Gods energy shield will not be able to hold out much longer, said Si Jiali.


Huiyin’s eyes were still wet. But she was genuinely happy for Wang Zheng. As long as he was safe, she would be happy.


Old Merchant had often said that intelligence determined success or failure, but there were times where brute force should be relied on.


He could feel the dangerous aspect of this fatty. It was not that he was scared of this fatty, but that knowing that he was not a small fry, he should be treated as an important opponent. But from the looks of it, this fatty rarely had any chances of being the main fighter. It has to be known that as a leader and as the main force, gaining experience was correlated with the battling method. This fatty was surely always the scout and rarely had to face strong opposition, and this would put him at a disadvantage psychologically.


Jondi Lilick was attempting to strike terror in the heart of his opponent!


For example, Lie Xin. She would have a telltale sign whenever she switched from an attack using her hands to her legs her centre of gravity would shift greatly. Even though these habits might be minor, if their opponents get a grasp on them, it would be critical in a fight, especially fights of this level.



Before coming to SIG, Jondi Lilick felt that he was pretty handsome, as well as talented, incomparable to others. After coming here, he realized that he had been living in his own bubble.



This result would surprise her aunt, but given her understanding of her aunt, she would not be so charitable to let him rest. The most important thing was to cherish the time now and give Wang Zheng sufficient time to recover. The battle could not be pushed forward, and her only solution now would be to act first and set the tone. After all, it would not be Wang Zheng alone who was hurt.


Lear looked at Wang Zheng and could not help but be filled with envy. Wang Zheng was really daring to even consider the power of the Five Elements. The practice of the Five Elements was essentially the balance of the body, but the communication of spiritual power was not an easy feat either. Wang Zheng was heading towards the path of exploring the limits of the human body. Once the spirit attained the balance of the Five Elements, together with the balance of the physical techniques… just the thought of it could make one shudder.


The two that were substituted immediately opened up all their Runic Matrices and blessed themselves. At the same time, they prepared the Seismic Energy Cannon to provide back-up whenever necessary.

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