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Ouyang Ruoliu was very excited. This was not pity for the weak. She hated the weak because she was strong. The world belonged to the strong, but the world was too dull. Her life was dull too. She would like to see interesting things. Hence, she hoped that Wang Zheng could continue on, and not allow the game to finish so soon. Even though the longer he lasted, the more miserable he would be. But not everyone could appreciate such secrets of the royalty. This would then be a vivid life drama.


This was the oppression in skill levels. If it were Snow Li herself, she would definitely panic, and even lose hope. The opponent’s control of his Ability X and detailings were definitely better than hers.


The residual flame power from the surroundings formed by the continuous attacks of the raging flame suddenly rushed towards the Flaming Frenzy Sword. In the past, Lie Xin would have thought that this was a result of her Flaming technique. However, her entire body was cold as ice at this very moment; there was nowhere to hide.


There was no doubt that the SIG could make Wang Zheng an overnight success. But as a politician, there were many ways she could destroy him overnight too.


However, the few minutes were critical. Zhang Shan had saved Monteros life. But he did not expect that in these few minutes, Montero would save his life too.


Earth-rank warriors, especially those like Luo Fei, turned terrifying when they made use of scout battle tactics. Everyone could sense it.

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Off stage, Mu Zhen, Lie Xin, and Snow Li bowed their heads. What Jondi Lilick had said was true. Mu Zhen clenched his fists tightly. He had represented countless of giants to be here to help Ada. But in the end, he was still a burden and could not do anything.


“Brother Yan, who is the boss’ opponent? Defeat them and win the championship!” said Jasper laughingly. He was in a really good mood.


Battuta, Manalasuo’s tank, had an Ability X of mid-B range and was an Earth 1 warrior. He was a rare tank Earth-ranked warrior and senior mechanic. He was a two-meter-tall mix blood, carrying Ghana lineage, and was of ground affinity.


Many countries were aware of the underground virtual world of the Saint World. Since it only spread among the elites, there was no large-scale dissemination. At the same time, many countries were interested in the practices in the app. In addition, as it aided the improvement of the elites, even though they knew that there were some dark forces behind the Saint World, many countries, including the Milky Way Alliance, chose to turn a blind eye.


She wanted to become strong, even stronger still. This was her reason for being alive.


On this point, Yan Xiaosu understood well. All this while, the Titan Chamber of Commerce had progressed smoothly, and this had caused Yan Xiaosu to forget the basic nature of business. And at this point, it was very difficult to turn back.


In an instant, all the members of the Soulless battle team, who were usually aloof, stood up, waving their arms. All the students at the Warrior Soul College, which was at Arbiter, let out roars that shook the heavens and earth. This was the first time that Arbiter warriors were roaring uncontrollably in celebration after a victory.



Demonstrating this strength at SIG was inappropriate, but if this could kill Wang Zheng and absorb one-fifth of his strength, González was willing to take any punishments.



Overall, in the Ability X test, no one besides Wang Zheng had entered the top 50, and the competition could not be described as intense. Overwhelming, more like.


Both the inside and outside of the Knights of Light arena were dead silent. The outcome of this match would be decided in a flash.


It was not that he did not wish to make concessions. But the moment they began to concede, the Titan Chamber of Commerce would completely be at their mercy. If the first step went this way, then the opponent would not hesitate to increase their demands subsequently, and would eventually take a hand directly in the business. Even an idiot could see that far.

  • The opposing power of the two mecha were transferred to the ground. The ground could not endure such force.
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