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Black Charcoal nodded. Sure. The current accumulated battling energy could open up a time space continuum. Maybe about a month. I think it is more than enough time for you to master the Runic Matrix.


Menlo did not mind killing off the loser, it was those annoying rules. There were not many annoying matters in the Arbiter military. However, the generals and managers had reminded him that they had to follow the rules of the outside world. Menlo was no fool either.


The top 64 teams in the main competition were all getting used to this new product. Many teams were already confident with it. There were many geniuses at SIG, and this technology could be used in a myriad of ways. It was also a good reference for the propagation of it.


The key was not in the high-difficulty contortions, but in the synchronicity with his footwork. Because González maintained high pressure attacks, Wang Zheng became more and more calm. He depended on his footwork variations. Contrarily, the more that González sought these consecutive killing moves, the more “dead” his body became.


“Then we’ll see. Getting first place in SIG is not as easy as you imagine.” Kashawen smiled warmly. “I see you’re still energetic. We still have many things to do.”


The Mayans had lifted their sanctions, so had the Atlanteans. They were allowed to freely release their spiritual power to communicate with the universe and unleash the mysteries of the runes. The power of the runes was stronger than the G-particles of the humans.

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The key word was “hidden.” This was different from Luo Fei’s stealth ability. Lou Fei’s ability was about illusion and confusion, but Aeolus’ was about preserving and misleading.


Si Jiali had actually been conducting interviews with several teams throughout the competition. Scarlet only initially wanted to let everyone know more about the weaker teams through these interviews. After all, such opportunities were hard to come by, and it was a good thing to have an additional avenue for everyone to know them. However, she did not expect the interviews to generate such unexpected attention. Even the teams from the smaller nations had been showcased. Even though they had lost, they were finally able to show off their individuality. Furthermore, as everyone had their own preferences, they were able to have their own fans. At the same time, they had also made a name for their schools.


Only the remaining six teams did not make any comments, not even regarding the Holy Light series’ mech. The performance of the Holy Light series was already evident. However, the mech was a non-living thing, the key was the pilot. Could the Holy Light series be crushed?


The Hercules moved slightly, leaning forward faintly. And with a banging sound, a silver radiance floated to the surface, enveloping the mech, extending smoothly into the body of the blade. Blade Aura.


Aslan has once again moved into the frontlines in the area of mech development.


For the Solar System, there was no longer a difference between Earth, Moon, or Mars. At this moment, everyone had only one hope: Wang Zheng!


This time, Jondi Lilick shook his head. Seems like competitor Lie Xin intends to defeat the opponent in one go. But she might be too naive Eve Litt is not that weak.



In such a situation, Luo Fei was unafraid of anybody. Who cared if it was Arbiter or Aslan? The journey to Titatitan Star had helped Lear gain much, but Luo Fei had gleaned much as well.



Although they were both from Elite Academy X, Di Maria held not a single whit of goodwill towards Wang Zheng. He wanted to finish him off before, and all the more now.


The commentators from all the countries were using their own ways to tease, to wait. Both Wang Zheng and Lin Feng had entered their mecha and were making adjustments.


The sword was broken. The double-edged hatchet followed through to chop off the head of the Phantom King.

  • A cruel sliding cleave, and Wang Zheng’s body seemed to have reached its limit. A flash of frosty light swept past. Just as it was about to land, Wang Zheng suddenly twisted away, a leg sweeping out. Qiankun Zadeh leaped up. Wang Zheng, supported with one hand, lashed out with a leg.
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